Change will likely come about from just about any business initiative, but when the primary objective is change itself, the impact can be profound. Without the right transition planning and careful preparation before and during execution, the trauma that can be felt by an organization can entail serious issues that will linger on for many years. Our Strategic Change Leaders work closely with our clients with a unique understanding of the daunting task in seeking Strategic Change through: 

  • Program redesign;
  • Business process reengineering:
    • Increasing throughput,
    • Increasing resource utilization, and
    • Reducing cycle times;
  • Operational review;
  • Organizational review; and
  • Business reorganization.

As part of our Business Planning capabilities, we can incorporate a benchmark study to examine some of your business practices against relevant industry leaders and determine best practices.

Ideally, Promitus Solutions would have been fortunate enough to assist with the preceding Strategic Planning which fuelled the catalyst for the change.

Our Strategic Change Leaders are managers and senior managers that have collectively dedicated over 30 years of their careers to fulfilling these kinds of initiatives - repeatedly demonstrating achievements in working with mid-to large-scale public and private sector organizations with a wide variety of cultures and values. We pride ourselves on consistently being able to foster a very intimate working relationship on these engagements with our clients and the key people championing the strategic change. This is critical to success. We have developed sophisticated techniques and methods to ensure the Strategic Change is achieved with the least possible impact to the organization, within a prescribed budget that is realistic, and with a deep and lasting successful outcome.


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