Whether you’re a startup or small business, a government department or agency, or a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 company, Promitus Solutions will develop for you the reliable, insightful and appropriate answers you need. 

Our Strategic Change leaders can help you to develop a plan for re-engineering your processes and support you during the reengineering period. 

Our extensive experience in Technology Planning means we have considerable skill in translating the latest technology offerings into real business benefits through a compelling business case construct or business plan. We offer tremendous value when we can combine our skills mentioned above with the following: 

  • A benchmark study to examine some of your business practices in relation to relevant industry leaders and determine which are the best business practices
  • A cost/ benefit analysis for a new business or government initiative. 
  • A business case for a new project, company or government program area complete with integral financial and strategic components. This can include: a cash flow analysis which will demonstrate the financial case through a positive NPV, or IRR relative to your prescribed hurdle rate, or a payback period in relation to your prescribed time line for similar initiatives. From a strategic perspective we can also help you describe the qualitative benefits, and perform risk planning, with early off-ramps for high-risk areas. We will conduct a SWOT analysis, and help you to articulate your strategic positioning. 
  • A Sales and/or Marketing Plan, including market segmentation, demographic analysis and trend analysis. This analysis will determine the viability, estimated demand, and the probable evolution of the product, service, or public program. 
  • Human Resource Management to develop or enhance competency models and performance management programs to support organizational development and encourage the emergence of high-performing work teams. 

We recognize that true Strategic Change typically involves not only re-engineering business processes but also assessing the organizational impact – determining what internal restructuring may need to occur, what changes might occur to peoples’ roles, and ensuring the right training and transition planning is in place for these people. 

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