Giesbrecht Consulting Ltd.

As a niche provider of management services, we recognize our need to partner with other like-minded service providers to extend to our clients a wider variety of solutions. Such partners include:

  • Systems Integrators;
  • Technical Implementation Solution Providers;
  • Industry Vertical Solution Providers e.g. Financial Institutions, Utilities, Oil and gas, etc.;
  • Engineering Service Providers;
  • Professional Accounting and/or Audit Service Providers; and
  • Barrister, Solicitor and Law Firms.

To maintain the independence of our Technology Planning services, Promitus Solutions has a policy of no reseller or partnership agreements with any technology suppliers whose primary source of revenue is product licensing.

If you are interested in contacting us about suggesting a partnering agreement, you can email us at

We typically provide any necessary follow-up as relevant opportunities present themselves.

Thank you for your interest.

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