Increasingly, senior managers have little tolerance for standardized, off the shelf, simplistic responses to highly complex problems. Promitus Solutions is not in the training business. What we offer are customized programs in Executive Development designed to be learner focused instead of curriculum focused. These programs are strategic tools which will enable our clients to modify corporate culture and reach business goals. Our Executive Development Leaders include former CEOs and COOs who will inject their personal knowledge and experience into the curriculum framework. Through our considerable industry contacts and relationships we are able to sponsor keynote speakers and/or a panel of experts who will debate the issues in order to intensify the experiential nature of our learning services.

Our Executive Development clients use these services to empower their managers and develop dynamic learning organizations that will adapt successfully to the rapidly changing business environment. Our executive development experts will work with your organizational leaders to transform the corporate mindset and behaviour of their colleagues. We are committed to forming active partnerships with your corporate teams to help them grow, learn, and develop both personally and professionally.

As a learning organization ourselves we continuously improve our intellectual capital to offer our clients a wide spectrum of modern executive development techniques: After all, our most valuable asset is the knowledge, depth of experience and abilities of our people. Our Executive Development leaders draw from a broad range of academic and managerial expertise.

When we complete an engagement of this nature, we often recommend leaving session participants with an action plan complete with target dates for achieving clear objectives. Additionally we recommend an effectiveness review several months after the engagement. This effectiveness review is separate and in addition to a satisfaction survey from session participants. The effectiveness review occurs at the organizational level to see if the session has made a lasting impression, which is translating into some measure of improvements.

Components of our executive development program typically include:

Executive Coaching  

Organizational changes  

360 Feedback  

Leadership development

Succession Planning  

Competency development

Career Development  

Team building

Management Retreats

Focused training



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