The following is a cross-section of assignments that demonstrates the caliber of work that the people at Promitus Solutions have delivered in the past:

Strategic Corporate Administrative Services Program Management.  A Promitus Solutions professional is supporting a CDN $500M to $1B corporate administrative services transformational program. He is supporting development of the business cases to move to a more consolidated, whole of Government of Canada enterprise approach to administrative services delivery. 

Strategic Business Planning for Account Administration Unit.   A team of Promitus Solutions professionals conducted a business planning study of the Account Administration Unit within a major Canadian federal department. The team conducted interviews with key stakeholders as well as developing findings and recommendations. 

Strategic Procurement Advice.  A Promitus Solutions professional was part of a senior strategic procurement advisory team which proposed and analyzed possible strategic partnering options for a major modernization initiative project within a major Canadian federal department. 

IT Needs Assessment for Forestry Industry.  A team of Promitus Solutions professionals conducted an IT Needs Assessment for a $500M forestry company, which had a varying collection of disparate systems. Reporting directly to the CEO, the work consisted of visits to various sites, interviews with key stakeholders, and reporting findings and recommendations. 

Development of an IT migration strategy for a major Canadian public sector organization. The organization is engaged in a major infrastructure upgrade initiative worth well over $30 million CDN.  The engagement spanned five months and involved over 30 managers and senior managers in several rounds of workshops and meetings.  The strategy sets the stage for developing a migration plan to migrate over 30 major corporate applications running over 200 servers to a new, modern infrastructure of several large-scale servers. 

Development of an e-business strategic roadmap for a major Canadian CPG Company.  The engagement spanned three months, and involved several rounds of meetings and workshops with the firm’s senior management to gain consensus on the next generation of business models that could be enabled by the recent upgrade to SAP. 

Developed a cost-benefit analysis and business case for a major Canadian Federal Department on the viability to outsource both systems and business operations for a revenue collection operation.  A Promitus Solutions Principal facilitated workshops over several months with management and senior management to develop potential business models and their organizational impact in conjunction with a major systems integrator. 

Conducted a business plan review for a new eBusiness spin-off start-up venture for an Canadian environmental sciences company.  A Promitus Solutions Principal worked with key executive board member stakeholders to critique the business case and business plan, and to suggest some alternative models. 

Developed a marketing strategy for entry into China. A Promitus Solutions Principal brokered a strategic alliance between two of Canada's leading high-tech companies developing Linux technology, and conducted several workshops and meetings with senior executive officers to develop the marketing strategy.

Developed a global marketing strategy for a major Canadian high-tech security technologies company. The project was initially scoped as a departmental initiative. A Promitus Solutions Principal recognized that the project required a much broader scope. The Principal raised awareness of the project to an international level, travelling to the London office to propose an enhanced project scope. The result led to the development of a global strategy, which went to company's board level, and led to a major shift in the company's marketing direction.

Conducted due diligence on venture capital investment business plans. As a referral from other strategic work with Canadian high-tech Companies, a Promitus Solutions Principal was engaged by a technology venture capital firm to review prospective investment opportunities. The Principal reviewed several prospective business plans, critiqued the plans. The Principal also provided advise and recommendations on which plans might qualify for future rounds of investment, as well as what terms should be included.

Project Reviews for a Canadian Federal Government High Tech Agency, and for a Canadian Federal Shared Systems Cluster Group.  A Promitus Solutions Principal spent four to six weeks interviewing key project members, reviewing financial status, assessing actual progress to date.  The Principal reported back to the projects’ senior management – Steering Committee, Project Sponsor – and provided recommendations to help ensure the project's success. 

Project Management for a $1 million CDN SAP datawarehouse implementation.   A Canadian government department had a mandate to improve financial reporting from its SAP implementation.  A Promitus Solutions IT project manager provided the following:

  • Key technical advise on major design tenets;
  • Guidance and support over contracted and departmental personnel;
  • Developed a project plan for the implementation;
  • Initiated a project governance model;
  • Ramped-up the project with qualified functional and technical resources;
  • Assisted in nominating a cross-section of user representatives; and
  • Worked closely with the client lead and executive to put regular project status reporting and issue management procedures in place.

Project Management on a $20 million US Supply Chain Modernization project for a US-based electronics manufacturing company.  A Promitus Solutions IT project manager provided functional, technical, and project leadership for the inventory management and purchasing projects, which were part of a major program to revamp the company’s corporate management and operational processes following a merger.  The company was implementing Oracle Financial and Manufacturing Applications. 

Project Management on a $50 million US finance and material worldwide implementation for a major Hotel Chain.  A Promitus Solutions project manager managed a combined team of consultant and employee staff, and provided liason with three to four site representatives from every hotel implementation in North America.  The project was headquartered in London England, with four implementation teams globally rolling out to over 250 hotels worldwide.  

Project Management on a $10 million CDN breakthrough fibre optical solution for a major Canadian high-tech company. A Promitus Solutions Technology project manager managed the delivery of a complex, integrated, large-scale software and hardware product from inception through to market debut. The project involved over 100 developers and representatives comprising: brand management; documentation; customer support; verification and manufacturing; and system engineering. The product represented a major technological advance for the optical networking arena, becoming the first 1600 Gigabit bi-directional DWDM amplifier system in the world. The project was successfully delivered meeting the customer's expectation.  In delivering the product, the project manager ensured the project met formal, documented management and engineering processes, which led to the product group successfully passing an International Standards Organization quality standards (ISO9002) external audit.

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