Promitus Solutions is a niche service provider specializing in providing management consulting and professional services to both Public and Private Sector organizations. One of our mantras is “Business drives; Technology enables”. We specialize in providing our clients the best possible value in business solutions that are enabled through the latest technology and best practices.

Our people typically have 15 to 25 years of technical and/or management experience in their relative areas of specialty, and usually one or more professional designations (MBA, CMA, LLB, PMP, CMC, ISP, etc.). Many are educated from the top universities in Canada, and England – Queen’s, Western, Cambridge, and Oxford. More importantly, we have built a team of managers and senior managers who can combine their management experience with specific hands-on expertise in Information Technology; Finance; Strategic Planning; Project Management; and Business Law. Our team includes experts who have in-depth experience working with the Public Sector and the Private Sector.

We derived our name from the latin word Promutuus, which in general means – “a financial advance”. This has some relevance to the reason we came into being.

Our vision is to provide high-value solutions and outstanding service that our clients regard as beneficial by way of financially advancing their organization.

We have a two-pronged approach to achieving our vision:

First, we spend the requisite time to qualify an engagement and make certain that we can maximize the use of our knowledge and capabilities to deliver remarkable results to the delight of our clients. We have no qualms about partnering with, or even referring work to another firm. We believe that this kind of integrity can only strengthen our rapport with our clients over the long-term.

Second, we stay focused on the targeted business benefits. We are determined to have our clients realize the desired results on every engagement we commit to.

Through our niche focus, we aspire to deliver leading world-class solutions and services on par or better than any of the larger, conglomerate management consulting firms, for fees that are more reasonable. In this way, we hope that our clients see us as offering superior value, making their financial resources go farther without having to compromise on quality.

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